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Fraud: Frequently Asked Questions

What is fraud?

Insurance fraud is an intentional misrepresentation of material information to obtain a benefit. It can be committed by anyone, including (but not limited to); policyholders, doctors, lawyers, contractors, etc.

What does 'SIU' stand for?

SIU stands for Special Investigations Unit. The SIU is responsible for investigating suspected cases of insurance fraud. In New York State, the department of insurance requires most carriers to have an SIU. They are also required to report any suspicious activity to the state frauds bureau.

I recently had an accident and my body shop said they could cover my deductible — is this fraud?

Yes, it is. Oftentimes, normally honest people will tell this lie because they think it's harmless but it raises everyone's insurance costs.

What do I do if I am a victim of fraud?

The Coalition Against Insurance Fraud suggests that you can protect yourself against insurance scams if you stay alert, ask questions and back out of any transactions that appear suspicious. Contact your state insurance department at the NYS DFS fraud hotline (888-FRAUDNY), call our Fraud Reporting Line at 1-866-252-4669 x306, email our Special Investigations Unit at [email protected] and the National Insurance Crime Bureau (1-800-835-6422) if you think you're being scammed or if someone asks you to take part in a fraud.